Winter Inspections at Greenway Equipment

Winter Inspections at Greenway Equipment

Dec 12, 2018, 14:45 PM

This year’s harvest is officially over and field work is behind us for the season- but before you put all your equipment in storage, make sure it’s ready to perform at its best for next year’s crop. Here at Greenway Equipment, we offer winter inspections so that you never have to be without your equipment when you need it. Let us professionally prepare your machine while you enjoy your break from the fields. You can book a winter inspection with us today!

As a John Deere equipment owner, you probably already know that regular maintenance with genuine John Deere parts and service is crucial to ensure optimal performance on all your machines. Regular maintenance not only ensures that your equipment will remain in good working order, but it actually results in 15% more fuel savings as well. Plus, well-maintained equipment is always going to have the best value when it comes time to sell or pass on to the next generation.

After so many hours on the job, it’s inevitable that your engine will start to lose some horsepower. Over time, valve settings become misaligned and injector nozzle capillaries become worn out. Air and fuel filters can also become blocked, which can eventually cause your equipment to shut down. Here at Greenway Equipment, we have John Deere certified technicians that know your machines inside and out. They can thoroughly check your equipment and help to bring back the power and capability that may be waning.

We know that maintenance isn’t always at the top of your priority list—it takes up valuable time, and we get that. Take our word for it, though. Unscheduled downtime from equipment failure when you really need your equipment can ultimately be so much more expensive and detrimental to your operation. With our winter inspections, you can be proactive now instead of having to be reactive later.

Greenway Equipment has over 160 certified technicians that will give your machine a comprehensive check to make sure it’s both performing at its best and saving fuel. Our team is more than happy to answer any questions you have about winter inspections. Stop by your local Greenway Equipment location today, or give us a call at (888) 237-7447 to speak to someone on staff. When you get your machine serviced during our winter inspections, you’ll be ready to run as soon as it’s time to get back out there.
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