DJ Button Greenway Equipment Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: DJ Button

May 17, 2018, 14:24 PM

Here at Greenway Equipment, we deeply value our team and consider every employee to be a member of the Greenway family. This month, we want to recognize service manager DJ Button.

DJ has been the service manager at our Weiner, Arkansas locations for three years, but he has been with Greenway for an incredible 11 ½ years. As the service manager, DJ is responsible for diagnosing and repairing equipment and the technology that goes along with it. He works on guidance systems, levy systems, dirt moving systems, Autosteer and more.

DJ lived and worked in a small Kansas town called Ulysses before going to college at 18 years old to study John Deere. After he received his associate’s degree in John Deere science, he moved to Arkansas and got started with Greenway Equipment. In his spare time, DJ enjoys a number of activities including hunting, fishing, metal fabrication, and anything in the off-road industry.

Back in his hometown in Kansas, DJ was exposed to agriculture at a very young age. “I worked on a farm for all four years through high school,” DJ said, “so I’ve pretty much been in ag my whole life.”

Even then, he always had a knack for fixing things. “I always worked on [equipment] whenever I could,” DJ said. “I got the opportunity to work the program in my hometown, then I went to college for it, and I’ve stuck with it ever since. It’s always been something I enjoyed.”

Now, as an experienced John Deere technician, DJ’s favorite part of the job is “chasing down the problems.” According to DJ, no two problems are ever quite the same. “It’s kind of like a game,” he said. “If there’s an issue, you have to try to investigate; to get to the bottom if it and figure out what’s wrong. It’s not like other jobs where you do the same thing day after day. It’s something different every time.”

When you have equipment that needs a little TLC to get back up and running smoothly, you can always count on Greenway Equipment and DJ Button to shine among the rest. After all, DJ has been working on the equipment for more than 11 years.

“I know the ins and outs of the system; where things go, how things work,” DJ said. “I know a lot about the computers and the books that the younger people just starting out don’t know. We have a lot more electrical issues now, but the tech [in the equipment] is also more advanced and it can do more things.”

That’s not all it takes to do DJ’s job, either. “It’s a highly stressful job being a service manager,” he said. “You have to deal with trying to coach and teach all the technicians under you, and then there’s the customer side of it.”

When it comes to customers, DJ knows most of them by name. “I have a lot of repeat customers from a large customer base that I’ve dealt with for years,” DJ said. “We still get new people that change land or move to the area, but we will always have those repeat customers that we’ve formed relationships with. We all know each other pretty well.”

For anyone out there considering the same line of work, DJ had a few words of advice.

“You have to love to work outside, and you have to be able to adapt. You learn new things every day, so that part is important. You also have to really want to be in the industry, because it’s a very demanding industry.”

DJ, we are so glad to have you with us in the Greenway Equipment family. Thank you for all that you do for Greenway and our customers in the Weiner area. We appreciate you!

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